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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Fling Sale! & $1 Words FREEBIE

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Did you try the $1 Word clues I posted yesterday?  If so, here are the answers:

                   1. cookout          2. chimpanzee          3. violins & autoharp

You will get a lot of bang for your buck when you introduce $1 Words to your students.  The skills they will hone include:

·        Addition computation
·        Calculator
·        Vocabulary
·        Parts of speech
·        Base words
·        Prefixes & suffixes
·        Participles
·        Singular & plural
·        Compound words
·        Spelling & proof-reading
·        Dictionary & thesaurus skills
·        Study skills
·        Internet skills
·        Critical thinking
·        Problem solving
·        Cooperative learning

This is a seriously integrated unit.  Your students will learn to pay close attention to verb tenses and singular/plural nouns. Before too long, they will realize that prefixes and suffixes can impact their calculations.  Encourage them to make an anchor chart of common affixes' values.  

If you make your $1 Words a competition, I have created rules to make it demanding and fair.  In the spirit of teamwork, I require every student to have someone on his/her team verify their answer before giving it to me.  The "verifier" has 2 important jobs:  check the addition & the spelling.  If a clue is turned into me with a wrong answer, the team not only does not score a point, they LOSE A POINT!  If the spelling is wrong, even though the word is correct, the team LOSES A POINT! Your students will instantly become meticulous editors when they see their team lose a point.  Be prepared for some bad sportsmanship and quash it immediately. 

My students write their answers on the back of their "dollar bills."  Both the solver and the "verifier" must sign the dollar. Then I post them outside my classroom under the name of their teacher.  I post correct and incorrect answers so that students may check and challenge MY calculations.  Believe me, they will!!  If an answer is incorrect, I write "-1" in red marker across the face of the dollar.  This saves me lots of explaining.  Similarly, if a student submits a "bonus buck" (one with 2 correct answers), I write "+2" on the face of the bill.  I keep a running tally posted next to the teacher's name.  

If you are wondering why I penalize teams with a lost point for an incorrect answer, the reason is simple.  I have had students who "couldn't find the answer" turn in any old solution in order to get another clue; hopefully an easier one.  If you allow this, you will have expended a lot of wasted effort and paper in preparing the clues.  But perhaps more importantly, you will have allowed your students to evade a challenge.  All of the clues are solvable.  Perseverance is a good thing, as well as a trait of G/T students  If everything you give them is easy, you're not really meeting their needs. 

Over the course of the competition (2 - 3 weeks), my students go through clues at lightning speed.  Thus, I have created more than 400 clues to meet their demand.  You can get more of my clues through my series of $1 Word products, available on both TpT and TN.  (I have not posted ALL of my clues yet.  But more will be coming as soon as I format them. Patience is a virtue!)  You may be interested in:

You can find all of these products at my TpT Store or in my TN Shop.  Of course you will want to start with the $1 Words FREEBIE!

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