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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sneak into a New School Year - Pt. 2

It's about time, teachers, ... to continue my thoughts about Sneaker Day.  

Conduct a get acquainted activity by asking each child to remove 1 of his sneakers.  Put all of the shoes in the center of the group and ask the children to look carefully at them. Then pick up one sneaker and ask whose sneaker it is.  When someone feels they can identify the owner, he should raise his hand, wait to be called on, and then allowed to take the shoe to its owner.  Emphasize that the owner of the sneaker should be sneaky and not boast that the shoe is his.  The child who identified the owner may select the next shoe for evaluation.  

Play continues in this way until all of the sneakers have been returned to their owners. For very young children, you will want to limit the number of shoes in the center to a number that is reasonable for their attention span.  The game can be played several times through out the day so that everyone is included.  It could also be repeated for several days, as needed, to ensure that everyone learns all the names.

There are more Sneaker Day activities to come.  Stay tuned!

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