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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's about time, teachers, to do some math activities with your scarecrow unit.  One of the anchor activities in my classroom is a daily graph.  While I'm completing attendance and lunch counts, my kiddos place their name on the graph, which we discuss during our morning meeting.

My daily graph looks something like this. However, I include enough rows to accommodate the number of students in my class, just in case they all select the same answer.  I highlight groups of 5 rows so that students may analyze their data using skip counting.  Of course, you can number the rows, if you prefer.

I prepare questions cards to post each day.  
For example: 

Other questions could include:

  • Do you think a scarecrow will scare the birds away?
  • Does a scarecrow need a hat?
  • Are scarecrows scary?
  • Can scarecrows scare other animals away from the field?

The questions I pose are not limited to scarecrows. They do, however, focus on farms/agriculture. For example: 

Other questions are like these:

  • Do you live on a farm?
  • Have you ever visited a farm?
  • Have you ever ridden a horse?
  • Have you ever touched a pig?

At the math center, patterns are always a hit. So, I provide a set of scarecrow pictures and task cards that tell the children what pattern they should make.

Ask the children to glue their patterns on long strips of construction paper. The cards have different levels of difficulty, allowing for differentiation of instruction. 

If you like these activities, you will find many more in my thematic unit, SCARECROWS. It is available in my TpT Store or at my TN Shop.

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