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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Poetry Freebie

It's about time, teachers, . . . for Thanksgiving.  In the spirit of this holiday, I'm pleased to share with you a --

Prior to our Turkey Day break, I like to share the following poem with my students:

After we read it, we do some or all of these Poetry Possibilities:

Enjoy the poem and, if you try any of the Possibilities, I'd love to hear how they worked for your class.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This comes from my product, Poetry Possibilities - Fall

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  1. I downloaded the Thanksgiving Square Puzzlers and do not understand where the "challenge" of these puzzles is. Perhaps I am not working them correctly! Any help will be appreciated asap!

    1. Did you cut the square into its component pieces? That is, the 3x3 square should be 9 pieces. The challenge is in reassembling the 3x3 square so that all the interior borders match. Naturally, you should mix the pieces up before beginning the reassembling process. You can read more about square puzzlers in the following blog post:
      If you are still confused, please email me @ Thanks!