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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shamrock Scrattle FREEBIE!

Sure as there are shamrock shakes at McDonald's, it's about time for St. Patrick's Day.  Another holiday means another Scrattle game freebie for your classroom.

SCRATTLE is a Scrabble Battle between 2 students.  

To begin, give your students the letter set for this edition of SCRATTLE.

After your students cut the shamrock letters out, they manipulate them to make words. Their goal is to make words with the most value, just as in Scrabble™.  Using the recording sheet, the students write their words and compute the value of each word. Three different recording sheets are provided to allow for differentiation of operations per your students' abilities.

Once their words are recorded and computed, each student finds a partner for the battle. Upon entering each other's scores in the space provided, the students compare their scores and enter the correct mathematical symbol between them: >, =, or <.  The winner is the player with the most >s.

SCRATTLE is perfect for centers (literacy or math - gotta love that!).  This game is also terrific for fast finishers and/or enrichment.

You can get your FREE Scrattle file here.

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