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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pinteresting Boards for G/T & HOTS

Collaborative Pinterest boards for Gifted & Talented,  Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), enrichment, and differentiated instruction!

If you follow my blog, you know that these topics are near and dear to my heart.  You also know that I have been posting lists of collaborative boards on specific topics; kindergarten and 1st grade, to date.  But when I tried to compile a list of Pinterest boards for G/T, HOTS, enrichment, and differentiation, I did not get very far.  Here's what I have been able to find:

So, I'm asking for your help.  If you know of any collaborative boards for G/T, enrichment, HOTS, and/or differentiation, will you please post the link in a comment?  Then I can expand this list to make it more comprehensive.   



  1. Thanks for sharing. I just started a Google+ Community for El Ed Teachers... Elementary School Teachers Community Hopefully it will grow and you can share things there. Thanks!
    Kids Math Teacher

  2. Hi~I don't ave any suggestions for you but I found you via the fifth grade teacher linky and wanted to say hi!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Here's my G +T Pinterest board- 480+ followers at last count
    and my blog is
    I retired after 37 years- mostly in Gifted and Talented grades K-8 and am planning on presenting workshops and training in the field for an encore career!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Tammi. I've added your board to the list. Good luck with the encore career! Thanks for stopping by; come back soon.


  4. Hi Barb~ I just sent an invitation to you for the Gifted: Ideas & Resources board ( It's geared more toward ideas and non-paid resources than products, but feel free to pin your store. Loved the picture for this post! :)
    Desktop Learning Adventures

    1. Thanks, Pam. I'm always happy to see a new board for G/T. It's my privilege to join. I love this picture, too. It always makes me grin.