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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Boggles Your Mind

Being a word-phile [yes, I made that up], I am always attracted to activities that employ ... words! So, for several weeks now, as I traverse the Pinterest world, I have been consistently drawn to the Boggle™ boards that are popping up. Brilliant!!! Wish I had thought of that.

Since I didn't think it up, I can at least promote this wonderful idea.  Initially, I found bulletin board Boggle™ boards like these:

These boards are awesome for early finishers, as anchor activities, and/or sponge activities.  It also occurs to me that they could be carefully manipulated to provide extra practice on word families, spelling lists, and phonics foci.  As a Reading Recovery teacher, I see potential to highlight high frequency words that my students know or know with lapses.  (That's official RR speak.)

But, the Bogglebrilliance carries on ...  Boggle™  has found a niche in literacy centers. Brillianter!  [I made that up, too.]  

If you visit Miss Martin's TpT Store, you can grab a FREE Boggle recording sheet.  Thanks Miss Martin!

The beauty of Bogglecenters is that you can so easily differentiate instruction for your students.  Certainly you can manipulate the letters/words used in the boards, again incorporating the focus of your current instruction (short a words, words with blends, word families, content area vocabulary, ...).  Making the array larger increases the challenge, as well.  I can envision high school teachers posting 12 x 12 arrays of letters. Perhaps the chemistry teacher can place the elements in the board.

Then I came across this product:


By putting numerals on your board, you can challenge your students to find equations in whatever operation you are studying.  You can ask them to find numbers with a specified number of digits; perhaps requiring a specific number in the ten's place. The potential for differentiation is huge.  

What else can you imagine in using Bogglemath boards?

It Bogglesthe mind!

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