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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Break Readiness

Before you start your winter break, though, make it a true break from your teaching duties by planning for January now.  You want to start the new year refreshed and prepared.  I'd like to help you do that. 

For years, I've been creating and utilizing centers for elementary students.  Let my work make your life easier. You need literacy centers.  Check these out:

Whether you teach The Mitten or not, this center is perfect for primary classrooms.  It's foci are initial consonant blends and rhyming words.  Your students will manipulate the 18 mitten cards to find 9 pairs of mittens.  Naturally, you can choose to use fewer cards if that is more appropriate to your class.  This center also has a recording sheet for your convenience.  
For older students, try Friendly Frog's Leap Frog Game.  

This center requires students to determine the number of syllables in words that pertain to frogs, bogs, and logs. They move their game pieces as many places as their word has syllables.  The center has a game board, 54 word or action cards, 6 game pieces, file folder labels. 

In the spirit of the season, I am planning several FLASH FREEBIES this week.  The above centers might be among the gifts I offer.  Check my facebook page for announcements of the flash freebies.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Ebook from TpT

There’s “snow” time like the present to grab your FREE copies of the 2013 Winter Holidays Tips & Freebies Ebooks from TpT!

For the 3rd year, some of the most wonderful TpT teacher-authors have generously given their time and talents to compiling and editing ebooks filled with tips for teaching during the days of December and providing links to FREE resources.  Each book is composed of gifts for you from 50 teacher-authors.

There are 4 books, delineated by grade levels.  Click on the thumbnails below to get the ebook(s) of your choice. 

A huge thank you goes out to the editors: Krissy Miner, Hilary Lewis, Rachel Lynette, and Addie Williams.

BTW, I am honored to be included in the Grades 3-6 ebook.  I hope you will check out my tip and FREEBIE on page 14 of that book.

Happy holidays everyone!

 Other December resources: