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Friday, April 25, 2014

An Apology

A lot of TIME has passed with very few new posts.  I apologize, but I can also explain...

In late January, my son and daughter-in-law surprised us by planning a somewhat spontaneous trip from their home in CA to ours in IL.  As she was expecting their 1st child, and my sister, sister-in-law, and daughter had been asking how we could throw a baby shower for her from a distance, I sprang into action planning a shower for her here, in just 3 weeks.  Invitations were the top priority and with the wonders of desktop publishing, this is what I created:  

Cupcakes were the theme, so the next order of business was trying out cupcake recipes and learning to decorate them. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials!  The greatest compliment came from my cousin who asked what bakery supplied the cupcakes.

Again, thanks to YouTube, I learned how to make a diaper cake, although my version had only 1 layer of diapers.  The majority of the cake was onesies and hooded towels.  The cupcakes sur-rounding it were made from socks and baby washcloths.

And, of course, there were shower games.  I love making these things on my computer!  The bingo game was made up of things on the baby registries.

Each grandchild receives a crocheted baby blanket from me.  This is the one I made for the baby shower:

The shower was wonderful!  It did, however, consume a great deal of my time.  

By the way, I do know that it is against the rules of etiquette for the prospective grandmother to throw the shower.  Hence, my name did not appear on the invitation.  But, as a matter of practicality, the shower had to be at my home and all of the listed hostesses live out of state.  So, I had tons of fun spoiling my daughter-in-law and soon to be granddaughter.

That's my 1st excuse explanation.  There are more to come! 

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