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Friday, September 5, 2014

New Centers for Primary Classrooms

It's about time, teachers, for new centers for your primary classrooms.  

I've got several that are hot off the presses...

Lately I've been updating, refreshing, and expanding many of my thematic units. Hoedown! (based on the book, Barn Dance) has just been super expanded to nearly 3x its original size.  This is largely due to the addition of 3 new centers.  

Down on the Farm is a cute little center about recognizing the number of syllables in a word. All of the words are farm vocabulary and have no more than 2 syllables.  There are 2 work mats and 18 picture/word cards for sorting.  I've also included a recording sheet in case you want your students to document their work.  You can get just the center; you do not have to buy the thematic unit.

Owl and Crow Literacy Center focuses on /ow/. Students will decide whether the picture/word card has the same /ow/ sound as in owl or in crow. This center also has 18 picture/word cards, 2 work mats, folder labels, and a recording sheet.  Again, it is available as a stand alone product.

Tractor Races is a math center in which students practice number sense and 1-to-1 correspondence.  Formatted as a game, students will roll a number cube and move their tractor that number of spaces on the game board.  The first tractor to the reach the barn is the winner.

It's about time to try some new centers.  I hope you'll like these.

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