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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Math Centers You Will Want to Gobble Up!

Teachers, it's about time for some math centers especially created for this time of year.

Turkey Squares combines math and critical thinking skills as students try to fill arrays with different colored turkey icons without repeating a color in any row or column.  Also known as statistical arrays, you may recognize these as a mental exercise similar to Sudoku. Turkey Squares allows you to easily differentiate your instruction by providing successively more difficult arrays.

Turkey Fractions & Pumpkin Pie, Oh My! is, obviously, focused on fractions.  It consists of 28 cards to use with the game, "I Have..., Who Has...?"This center activity can also be used with the entire class. It is CCSS aligned.

Your students will practice addition and subtraction within 20 in Tail Feathers Math Center. After computing the value of each tail feather, students will place the feather on the turkey with that value. There are 4 full color work mats, 28 color tail feathers, labels for your center folder, and a black line recording sheet included in this product.  This activity is CCSS aligned.

While not exactly a math center, Pilgrim Square Puzzlers does exercise problem solving skills while disguising it as fun. The challenge with these puzzles is to reconstruct the square so that all of the images match on every interior side. 
There are 3 levels of difficulty included in this center, providing instant differentiation. These square puzzlers are also great for fast finishers. They won't be able to finish these quickly.

Pumpkinoes are holiday neutral, but perfect for this time of year. There are 8 games that can be used in all elementary classrooms to practice a variety of skills appropriate to the ages and stages of your students. Thus, differentiation is inherent. Skills in this unit include:
  • Counting and cardinality
  • Composing and decomposing numbers
  • Addition, subtraction, and multiplication
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Greater than and less than
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills

Included in this product are 45 Pumpkino cards in both color and black line. The number pairs on the Pumpkinoes range from (1, 1) to (9, 9). No blanks, or zeroes, are included. Also included are labels for your centers and directions for each of the 8 games. Recording sheets are provided for some activities. No answer keys are provided as all of the activities are open ended.

How Many Ways?  Fall Edition is an interactive bulletin board activity. The challenge in this activity is to arrive at a given number in many different ways. 

It readily provides differentiation by allowing the teacher to choose between 2 questions: one asks students to count to the target number; one requires students to use basic operations to arrive at the target. It may be easily adapted to any elementary grade level and provides differentiation within a single grade.

Turkey time is upon us!  It's time to stuff your centers.

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