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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Merry Math Centers

It's about time, teachers, for some Merry Math Centers...

is an interactive bulletin board that can be used as a math center, an anchor activity, or a challenge for fast finishers. Similar to Boggle, the challenge in this fun, open-ended exercise is to reach a target number in as many different ways as possible. It provides instant differentiation by allowing the teacher to choose between 2 processes (counting or basic operations), as well as the choice of which and how many operations to use.  
This activity is CCSS aligned.  It requires students to think critically while practicing math skills.  It's a great way to keep your students engaged during this exciting time of year!

Scrattle: The Christmas Edition is a learning center that combines word work with computation; individual effort with competition. Using a set of letters, each student creates words. They then determine the value of their words using the Scrabble™ letter values. Then partners engage in a battle wherein they compare their word scores using >, <, and =. The winner is the student with the most >s.

SCRATTLE can be played by students with simple addition capabilities, as well as those skilled in solving mixed operations in complex equations. Three different recording sheets are included, providing instant differentiation. 

SCRATTLE is CCSS aligned.  This product contains 2 sets of letters; one set in color, one in black & white. It also includes 3 recording sheet templates.

Reindeer Squares are square arrays also known as Latin Squares. In mathematics, they are used for statistical analysis. If they seem familiar, they should; Sudoku is a 9 x 9 Latin Square.

Use Reindeer Squares to teach your students deductive reasoning and problem solving while disguising it as lots of fun. Begin by demonstrating how a 3 x 3 array works. Then up the ante with successively larger arrays. This is a great activity for differentiation. It also works well in centers or as a sponge activity. It is perfect for the fast finisher.

Coming soon ... centers for HOTS.

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