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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Freebie February and Sponge Activities

Today is all about sponge activities.  We all need them for those awkward few minutes before the bell rings, or before you leave for your specials class, or ...  You know.

Some of the best sponge activities are those that need no prep. I have 1 that my kiddos love and all it requires are a sticky note and a chalkboard or whiteboard. I call it Mystery Number. I write the Mystery Number on the back of the sticky note (the side that sticks to the board). After drawing a number line on the board, I put the sticky note in the middle of the number line. 

As students guess, I write their guesses on the number line and ask if the guess is greater than or less than the Mystery Number. Obviously, when the correct number is guessed, I turn over the sticky note and congratulate the students. This really helps children with numeration concepts.  

Since I'm focused on sponge activities, the Freebie February product for today is one that can readily fill those odd moments. Triads I combines critical thinking with vocabulary development. It disguises lots of learning with tons of fun. 
The Triad cards show 3 words which can be linked by 1 word.  In this example, the common word is CARD; birthday CARD, credit CARD, and CARDboard. As you can see, the common word can come before or after the given words. The answers can be compound words or common phrases.  

Triads I is a super sponge activity, but it is also excellent for enrichment, lovely for literacy centers, and fabulous for fast finishers.  I strongly urge you to solve several Triads as a whole group to get your kiddos cerebral cogs turning.  

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