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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Presidents' Day + Freebie February

One of my favorite activities leading up to Presidents' Day is a probability center.  My students work in pairs flipping a penny 100 times and recording the results:  heads or tails.  A great bonus to this center is that it is usually close to our 100th day, so groups of 100 are fresh in our minds.

Each pair receives a set of 10 ten frames. Prior to starting, they predict how many times they will get heads and how many times they will get tails.  They write their predictions on the back of their recording sheet.  

My students take turns being the flipper and the recorder, switching jobs after filling each ten frame.  They record an H each time they get heads; T each time they get tails.  

At the end, they compute how many of each they got.  The final step is to compare their prediction to their reality. My kiddos love this activity.  I'll bet your's will, too.

It's day 10 of Freebie February! 

Just for today, you can get Patriotic Squares Critical Thinking. This activity is also known as Latin Squares. 


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  1. Hi Barb,

    Do you sell your probability center somewhere??

    1. Hi Courtney,

      I don't have the center available anywhere. Sorry about that. It really just consists of the recording sheet. However, I did try right clicking on it and copying the image. It worked fine. Just paste into a word document. Hope it works for you.