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Monday, March 23, 2015

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Are you ready for him?  

Here are some ideas for your classroom:

  • Make bunny windsocks to hang from the ceiling. Using a large piece of white construction paper, draw a bunny face on it with markers or crayons. 

     On a 9" x 12" piece of white paper, draw 2 large bunny ears.
Cut the ears out. Make a cylinder out of the bunny face and glue it. Glue the ears to the inside of the cylinder. Cut 18" - 24" crepe paper streamers and glue them to the inside of the cylinder.

These windsocks will look fabulous hanging from the ceiling. When you can open the windows, the breeze will make them dance!
Are you looking for some bunny centers?  Try these:

  • Scrattle: The Spring Edition combines word work with computation; individual effort with competition. As in Scrabble™, students use a set of letters to create words. After recording their words, they calculate each word’s score using the Scrabble™ letter values. Then they engage a friend in a battle wherein they compare their scores using >, <, and =. The student with the most >s wins the battle! There are 3 levels of difficulty included in this product, making it perfect for differentiation and applicable to nearly every grade level. Best of all, it's FREE!

  • Easter Hink Pinks & Hinky Pinkies are eggs-actly what you need for spring! They will have your students cracking up as they determine the 2 word answer to these riddles. These are awesome for H.O.T.S. You can also use them as a warm-up egg-tivity, a sponge egg-tivity, a literacy yolk center, or a challenge for fast finishers.  It, too, is FREE!
  • Easter/Spring Patterns & Sorts provides materials to practice patterning and review color words for pre-K through 2nd grade students. This product includes picture and letter cards, as well as a recording sheet.

The next 2 centers are holiday neutral, but work well with spring themed classroom activities.
  • Egg Idioms will increase your students' vocabularies and enrich their writing.  After introducing the idioms to your students, use this booklet to have your students illustrate the literal meaning and interpret the figurative meaning. This activity is also great for ELL and speech/language students.

  • Egg Equations are CCSS aligned for grade K-3. Students will make true equations in the quest to master basic addition and subtraction facts.  Gather plastic eggs and fill each one with the equation components. Students will use the components to construct equations appropriate to their abilities.  Thus, differentiation is inherent.
Now that spring has finally arrived, I hope your days are filled with sunshine and smiles.

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