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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Teachers Rule TN Sale

It's about time, teachers, to be appreciated!  

Hopefully, your parents' organization and school administrators will show their appreciation for all you do as a teacher.  You certainly deserve it, for you are far more than an instructor.  Depending on your grade level, you are a shoe tie-er to a chauffeur, a coat buttoner to a counselor, and surrogate parent to an advocate.  And myriad things in between.  That doesn't even address all the personal time and money you put into your classroom and students. 

So, to show my appreciation for all my colleagues, I am participating in the Teachers' Notebook Teachers Rule site sale. The sale lasts ALL WEEK (May 2 - 8) and everything in my shop is 50% off.  Yes, EVERYTHING! Plus, if you enter the code "Teachers Rule" you will get an additional 10% off, netting you 55% off my regular prices.  You don't want to miss this opportunity.

It's May; summer can't be too far away.

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