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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's About Time for Summer Centers

It's also about time for summer school, not to mention year round schools. And, thus, it's about time for summer centers. Check out these:

Picnic ANTonyms literacy center focuses on antonyms. It includes 2 versions; 1 for grades 1-2, another for grades 3-5.

Watermelon Words challenges primary students to match the 2 parts of a watermelon slice to make a compound word. All of the words follow a summer theme.

Summer Square Puzzlers are great for all ages as they provide 3 levels of difficulty. These puzzles exercise critical thinking and HOTS.

The Patriotic Edition of Scrattle is perfect for all grade levels and combines math and word work. Students use a set of letters to create words, then calculate their value using Scrabble(TM) values. Finally, they compare their word values to another student's in a friendly competition. The recording sheets present increasing levels of computation difficulty. Best yet, this center is FREE!

Also known as Latin Squares, Patriotic Squares exercise HOTS. The challenge is to fill these square arrays so that no item is used more than once in each row and column. (Think Sudoku.) This center, too, is differentiated; providing 4 increasingly difficult arrays.

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