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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's About Time for Leap Year!

So jump on this FREEBIE that is refreshed, reformatted, and expanded for 2016.  

This is not a huge unit.  It's not full of rigor. It's just a little collection of activities to make Leap Day (Monday, 1/29) a bit more special for primary classes.

Included is a word activity asking students to create words from the letters in LEAP YEAR. The letter sets come in different colors to make sorting them easier.  This activity will initiate verbal fluency and provide practice with sight words.

LEAPING LIZARDS is an addition worksheet; quick and easy for you to prep.  Fun for the kiddos.

Another language activity that promotes fluency and flexibility is naming animals that leap. We have started a list that hangs on the bulletin board.  Adding animals to it makes a great sponge activity. (Having to wait until we have time for the sponge activity also helps develop patience!) 

We have had some very interesting discussions about whether certain animals, like monkeys, actually leap.  In the end, I let the students decide.

There are a couple of other activities suggested in this file.  Hopefully, you will find them worthwhile and incorporate them into your Leap Day plans.  

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