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Saturday, December 10, 2016

12 Days of Christmas -- Day 10

Welcome to the 10th day of Christmas giveaways. Today's gift is SCRATTLE: The Christmas Edition.

SCRATTLE is a learning center activity that combines word work with computation; individual effort with competition. As in Scrabble™, students use a set of letters to create words. 

After recording their words, they calculate each word’s score using the Scrabble™ letter values. Then they engage a friend in a battle wherein they compare their scores using >, <, and =. The student with the most >s wins the battle! (SCRAbble + baTTLE = SCRATTLE!)

SCRATTLE can be played by students with basic addition capabilities, as well as those skilled in solving mixed operations in complex equations. Three different recording sheets are included, providing instant differentiation.

Use this multi-disciplinary center activity today!  It is ready to print and go.

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