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Friday, December 9, 2016

12 Days of Christmas -- Day 9

On this 9th day of Christmas, my gift to you is Christmas Confections Square Puzzlers

Are your kiddos getting a little wound up? OK, a lot! Give them Christmas Confections Square Puzzlers and enjoy a little quiet. This activity is seriously engaging. It is differentiated, so you can use it with any grade level. The challenge with these puzzles is to reconstruct the square so that all of the images match on every interior side. Like this:

This 4 piece puzzle is the easiest and most appropriate for the youngest students. Note that the images on the inside borders match.

3 Square Puzzles are included. The 3x3 puzzle is considerably more challenging and the 4x4 square may drive you a bit daffy! But do not stress out!! When you download this product you will find a nice little clue to solving the puzzles.  You can decide whether to share that with your students or not.  Here's the 3x3 in progress:

I should warn you that there are a few, potential problems with introducing your students to square puzzlers:
  • They may beg incessantly to do them.
  • They may complain loudly when you ask them to put them away.
  • Those lacking in stamina may become frustrated. (In my experience, this is a very small percentage of the students.)
I hope you and your students will enjoy these.

Check out these square puzzlers:

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