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Friday, April 28, 2017

Create a Little Panda-monium!

It's about time, teachers, for a new product!

I just launched Panda Pockets Classroom Jobs and I'm so excited that I'm making it free for the weekend!!  

Here is a little glimpse:

There are 17 labeled pockets, plus 7 more that are editable. 30 pandas are provided with numbered ball caps to represent student numbers. That will save you the time and energy needed to reprint the pandas each year.

I recommend printing the components on heavy cardstock. Attach a 3.5" craft stick to the pandas to give them more stability and to make stuffing the pockets easier.

If you grab this weekend freebie, please leave a comment on TPT. Your feedback is very important to me. TYIA.

I have more panda themed decor coming, so stay tuned!

These panda products are ready to go:

Sunday, April 9, 2017

It's springtime!

So, in the spirit of spring I have been busy renewing this product:

This is the "before" picture.  It has had a facelift & augmentation.(he-he)  

Here's the "after" product:

It now provides materials for 4 centers that can be used in a variety of ways, yielding at least 18 different centers. CCSS alignment has been added.  Here's what is included:

Picture Sorts
• 27 colorful, picture cards
• 5 suggested sorts with sorting headers
• number sequencing
• addition and subtraction within 10
• picture story

M-egging (Making) Words
• 25 alphabet cards in color and black line
• 3 suggested letter sorts with sorting headers
• making words
• recording sheet master

Egg Patterns
• worksheet to color
• describe pattern using letters (A-B-A-C)

Counting Carrots
• 40 colorful cards
• subitizing within 20

• number sequencing
• addition and subtraction within 40
• even / odd sort with sorting headers 
• skip counting
• WAR card game to compare quantities

Labels for your center folder are provided.

If you have downloaded this product in the past, I urge you to download it again for the new and improved version.  (It's free to download anything you already own.)

Related image

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Friday, March 31, 2017

WOW! Weekend 3/31 - 4/2

It's about time, teachers, for another WOW Weekend!  This weekend, my fresh-from-the-farm products are FREE!

Included in this giveaway are 2 thematic units:

There are 4 math centers available:

Also included are 4 literacy units:


There's also a fun glyph!

I hope this will help you sow the seeds of learning and reap huge rewards.

Friday, March 24, 2017

WOW! Weekend

It's about time, teachers, ...

You can get any/all of my syllable sorts products for FREE!  Please leave some TPT feedback.  Your impressions are important to me.

Image result for spring time quotations images

Friday, March 17, 2017

Wow Weekend! Freebie Alert

It's about time, teachers, for a ...

This weekend, 3/17 - 3/19, all of my NUMBER SENSE products are FREE!!!

If you download any of these products, and I hope you will, please leave some feedback. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

April Math Center

It's about time, teachers, for ...

And a new month means new math centers and bulletin boards. Combine both in How Many Ways? - April Edition.

This is a fun, open ended, critical thinking, math challenge. It works well as: 

  • an anchor activity
  • a math center
  • a sponge activity 
  • a challenge for fast finishers 
Similar to Boggle, the challenge in this activity is to arrive at a target number in many different ways. It readily provides differentiation by allowing the teacher to choose between 2 questions: one asks students to count to the target number; one requires students to use math operations to arrive at the target. It may be easily adapted to any elementary grade level and provides differentiation within a single grade.

Reproduce the raincloud icons and place them on a bulletin board along with the How Many Ways? question of your choice. These icons come in color and black line; with and without counting dots. Choose the math operation(s) appropriate for your students and post them, as well. Then invite your students to determine how many ways they can reach the target number. Students may use each icon only once, however, they need not use every icon. Add an extra challenge by requiring that the numbers used must touch each other.

This activity is CCSS aligned. 

My students use Post It notes. They write their equation(s) on a Post It and stick it up along the side of the display. At the end of each day, we calculate How Many Ways we found the target number.  Then I put up a new target number and we are ready to go for the next day.

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