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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's About Time, Teachers, for a Learning Explosion!

It’s about time, teachers, for an explosion!

A learning explosion, that is.  An explosion you are going to love, Love, LOVE!!!!

Most of us have interactive whiteboards (yea!). Most of us struggle to find the time to create the digitized lessons and centers we would love to use with our whiteboards (boo!). Most of us know that teacher created lessons are the best.  What most of us don't know is that there is a new kid in town to help us with interactive whiteboard activities.

It’s about time, teachers, that you discover ...

Boom Learning is a relatively new site that offers decks of Boom Cards for your whiteboard lessons.  
  • No more printing.
  • No more cutting.
  • No more laminating.
  • No more grading.

  • Much more engagement.
  • Much more information at the speed of a click.
  • Much more 21st century style learning and teaching.
  • Much more fun!

Boom Learning resources offer interactive lessons that are self-grading.  They provide instant reports on the progress and success of each of your students. They make it possible to use all of those adorable task cards without buying stock in printer ink.

I discovered Boom Cards just this week and, honestly, I feel like I've won the lottery.  So many of the resources I've created for TPT are perfect for digital task cards.  This woman is obsessed with transfering those products to this platform!  In just a few days, I have created 10 decks.  Naturally, I hope you will take time to look at my products (all under $2).  But even if my resources are not what you seek, I think you will LOVE this site and all it has to offer.  

Your time is precious.  There's never enough time. Time is of the essence.  It's about time, teachers, to discover BOOM CARDS!

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  1. Great blog post! I have fallen in love with the platform as well!!!!!! Now to transfer my love of task cards to a digital format!!! Work work work!