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Sunday, February 5, 2017

BOOM! Learning Cards for Your Interactive Whiteboard

Last week I discovered 

Have you checked it out yet?

I thought you might appreciate a little preview of how these cards could work in your classroom. This preview is based on my deck, Monsters Love Contractions.

This is a screenshot of 1 of the cards.  It is what a student sees.

The student types his/her answers in the boxes.

Once s/he has typed in both answers, s/he clicks on "Submit."

(I was too slow to get a screenshot of it!) It does not tell whether the answer is right or wrong.

After the student has completed the deck, s/he will get a message and earn some rewards.  

The site provides an explanation of the rewards.
It's really easy to set up your class.  I'm an enrichment specialist, so I have more than 1 class.  That is possible, too.

Following is an example of a report for the teacher.

If you haven't checked out Boom Learning, you really should.  I think it holds great promise for all teachers.

Please visit my store @ Boom Learning. Thus far, I have 14 decks and I add more every day.

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