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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It's about time, teachers, that you discover

You have a smart board. You need resources for your smart board. You need Boom! Learning.

This is a relatively new site that offers teachers resources that are ready to use on interactive whiteboards. All of the apps are created by teachers for teachers.  

In the month since I discovered this site, I have been busy uploading resources; 24 decks and 2 bundles, so far.  Now the problem is, how do I get YOU to be as excited about this as I am?  

Perhaps a preview will help you realize the potential...

And so it continues. 

There you have an interactive phonics center that does not require any printing, cutting, laminating, or storage solutions.  It will work on tablets or laptops, as well.  

This is just my 1st preview.  If you teach older students, I have plenty of decks for you. Check back soon for more previews.

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