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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sneak into a New School Year!

It's about time, teachers, to go back to school. Sneak into a New School Year by having a Sneaker Day! Invite your students to wear sneakers, then fill the day with math, writing, art, and get acquainted activities. You'll have a sole-ful day and your new school year will start on the right foot!

Activities in this FREE product include:
  • Get acquainted sneaker identification
  • Math 
    • Estimation
    • Graphs 
    • Venn diagrams
    • Measurement 
    • Sorting 
  • Writing
  • Arts & crafts
    • Crayon rubbings
    • Symmetric prints
    • Original designs
  • Behavior expectations 
    • Hallway etiquette
    • Brag tags (color and gray scale)

This unit is CCSS aligned.

Sneak into a New School Year is FREE this weekend.  Then it will become priced as I add a literacy center to it. So if you download it now, you will get the expanded unit for free, as well. You'll just have to remember to go back and download the new version.

After Sneaker Day, you can extend the learning and fun with Step Right Up! Thematic Unit.

As always, I greatly appreciate your feedback on TPT.

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