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Monday, January 29, 2018

It's About Time for Some Monster Love!

Children love monsters.
Monsters love synonyms.
Therefore, children love synonyms!

At least they will when you set up this literacy center:

Monsters Love Synonyms is a literacy center in which your little monster lovers will find pairs of synonyms. 36 monster cards are provided, allowing your students to find up to 18 pairs. You should tailor the number to fit the age and stage of your students. 2 versions of the recording sheet allow you to easily differentiate the task. Moreover, 2 versions of the cards are included: 1 in color, 1 in grayscale. If you choose the ink saving version, I recommend printing the cards on colored cardstock to add a little more pizzazz.  

Don't let the love stop there! Try Monsters Love Antonyms, too. In this center, your learners will find antonym pairs.  

Share some more monster love with Monsters Love Homophones. Did I mention that all of these centers include an anchor chart for display in your center?

You can share even more love with Monsters Love Contractions!

But wait! There's even more love to be had. Get all of these centers in one big bundle of love:

While these monster-ous centers have overtones of Valentine's Day, monsters know no season. There are no references to the holiday, so you can use these centers any time of the year. Remember, children love monsters!

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