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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Craftivity

It's about time, teachers. . . for Mother's Day.  Following are directions for a card your primary students can make for their mothers.  I guarantee it will bring a smile to every mother's face and a warm feeling in her heart.

  1. Give each student a 4.5" x 12" piece of construction paper in the color of their choice.  
  2. Provide construction paper scraps for the students to make flower petals and long, thin strips of green paper for stem(s).
  3. Students should position the background paper vertically, then glue on the stem(s) and flower(s).
  4. Once the flower(s) and stem(s) are applied, have the students fold the paper in half and then in half again.  They will now have a 4.5" x 3" card.  
  5. Ask them to unfold the card.  Using their very best handwriting, the children will write the following on each section of the card:   My love for you grows, / and grows, / and grows!

  Here's what the finished project looks like:

to all the teachers who are also mothers!


  1. Cute! Glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi Mindy! I'm glad you found my blog, too. I hope you will stop by often.