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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Word Work, the Reading Recovery Way -- Pt. 6

It's about time, teachers, for onset changes with harder analogies.  Begin by displaying the letters for a KNOWN word, plus another letter than can change the onset to make another KNOWN word.  

Say, "Make he.  Now change he to me."  After she has done so, ask her to run her finger under it and say it slowly.

In the same lesson, have the child construct a different onset change, for example, can / man.  

Always have the child run her finger under it, saying it slowly, to check that the sounds match the letters.

The next step is a little harder.  Make a known word, such as look.  Say, "You know this word -- look."  Give the student the letters for cook.  Instruct her to "make a word that is like look."  

Continue making analogies with onsets until the child demonstrates that she understands.

Next time, we will work with rimes.

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Until next time...

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