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Monday, May 2, 2016

What's Black & White & Red All Over?

What IS black and white and red all over?  

A sunburned zebra, yes.  But it could also be your classroom.

If you are looking for a new color scheme for next year, consider making it dynamic and sophisticated for you, yet fun and appealing for children.  Make it black and white and red all over!

Greet your new students with this cheerful welcome banner.

The provided message is "Welcome to (grade level - Kindergarten thru 6th) Grade!" Editable flags are included so that you can add your name or another message to personalize the banner. Also included are word wall headers and editable rectangles for words.

After you welcome your new students, use these products to bring educational decorations to your classroom: 
(click on each icon for a preview)

Each of these products is available in my TPT Store. For those who love money saving bundles, this set of resources is available in bundle form:

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