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Friday, April 28, 2017

Create a Little Panda-monium!

It's about time, teachers, for a new product!

I just launched Panda Pockets Classroom Jobs and I'm so excited that I'm making it free for the weekend!!  

Here is a little glimpse:

There are 17 labeled pockets, plus 7 more that are editable. 30 pandas are provided with numbered ball caps to represent student numbers. That will save you the time and energy needed to reprint the pandas each year.

I recommend printing the components on heavy cardstock. Attach a 3.5" craft stick to the pandas to give them more stability and to make stuffing the pockets easier.

If you grab this weekend freebie, please leave a comment on TPT. Your feedback is very important to me. TYIA.

I have more panda themed decor coming, so stay tuned!

These panda products are ready to go:

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