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Wednesday, February 19, 2020


It's about time, teachers, for compound words!

COMPOUND WORDS LITERACY CENTER Wild West Theme Compound Words Activities

Check out this adorable literacy center that celebrates compound words COWBOY STYLE!  All of the words are related to cowboys to delight your little cowpokes.

This literacy center is self-correcting.  Just flip the pairs over to reveal a cowboy picture.  Your little buckaroos will shout, "YEE-HAW!"

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020


It's about time, teachers, for some more February FREEBIES!

HOLIDAY MATH and LITERACY CENTER Patriotic Days SCRATTLE DifferentiatedSCRATTLE: Patriotic Edition is differentiated, making it appropriate for all grades 1-5.  Students make words from a collection of letters, then compute the value using addition, multiplication, or mixed operations.  There is a recording sheet for each of the named computation requirements.  Next they engage a friend in a Scrattle Battle, comparing their word values as =, >, or <.  The word warrior with the most >s wins!  Stand back and watch your learners quickly eschew those 3 and 4 letter words for longer ones.

February is Dental Health Month, so attend to that with this FREE product.  It includes a song, class graphing, lost tooth bags, a word find, scrambled sentences, tooth idioms, and tooth problems math.

LEAP YEAR ACTIVITIES Literacy Math Creative and Critical Thinking
It's Leap Year and your students will leap for joy with this free unit.  Included are word work, verbal fluency exercises, and math challenges.

February is fabulous and filled with freebies from my store.  Enjoy!

Monday, February 3, 2020

It's about time, teachers!

It's about time for a TPT Site Sale!
  • Feb. 4 & 5
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  • Everything in my store is on sale; even bundles! 
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It's about time to save on everything on your wish list.

It's about time to stock up on time-saving products that will make your life easier.

It's about time to check out all of the great, critical thinking products I love creating.  Examples:

CRITICAL THINKING PUZZLES Valentine's Day Brain Teasers Differentiation GATE  CRITICAL THINKING BUNDLE Triads 1.0 Literacy Centers Vocabulary Task Cards  HOMOPHONE TASK CARDS Hairy Harry's Critical Thinking Grammar Vocabulary

It's about time to take advantage of this opportunity to grab gifted education resources based on my many years of teaching gifted/talented/enrichment.  Examples:

ONE DOLLAR WORDS BUNDLE I Critical Thinking Challenge Math ELA Research GATE  HINKY PINKY BUNDLE Critical Thinking Vocabulary GATE Enrichment Synonyms  CREATIVE THINKING PROJECTS Destination Imagination via Creative Thinking Vol I

It's about time you discovered the Poetry Possibilities that reflect my passion for all things poetry and using poetry to teach myriad subject matter.  Examples:

POETRY UNIT Black History Month Activities Poetry Form Poetry Elements Writing  POETRY UNIT February Poetry Activities Poetry Forms Poetry Elements Writing  POETRY UNIT March Activities Poetry Elements Poetry Forms Writing

It's about time you found the emergent readers that provide teaching practices based on my years in Reading Recovery (TM).  Examples:

EMERGENT READER Forest Animals High Frequency Words Reading Skills  SPRING EMERGENT READER BUNDLE High Frequency Words Predictable Text  Word Work:  A guide for teachers of young children

It's about time you treated yourself to the materials that will preserve your precious time with family and friends.