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Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's About Time for a Presidents' Day Sale!

Pinteresting Boards for Kindergarten Teachers

Collaborative boards dedicated to teaching abound on Pinterest.  A few months ago, there were scores of them.  Now there are hundreds of them.  Some have 1000s of followers.  Others are just getting started.  If you teach kindergarten, you should check out these collaborative boards:

Kindergarten Literacy
Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten Science and Social Studies/
Kindergarten Freebies
Kindergarten Holidays Crafts
Kindergarten Classroom Management
Math for Kindergarten
ELA Letters & Letter Sounds
ELA Sight Words & Word Families
ELA Letter/Word/Sentence and Syllables
ELA Punctuation and Grammar
ELA - Games
Kindergarten Teacher
Activities for Early Grades
100 is a Magic Number
Pre-K-K Teachers Pay Teachers
Keepin' with Kindergarten
Preschool/Kindergarten Science
Kindergarten Kreations
Kindergarten Kolleagues
Pre-K/K/1/2 Science Lessons And Activities
Lower Elementary Literacy
Lower Elementary Math
Lower Elementary Other
Lower Elementary Literacy
Early Literacy Activities and Ideas!
Kindergarten materials under $3!
we teach: kindergarten
Primary grades wonderful picture books
free lessons
Learn to Read
Primary Reading and Math
Primary Materials from TPT
Kindergarten Lesson Plans
Kindergarten and First Classroom Ideas
Kindergarten and First Grade Common Core Standards
Kindergarten and First Grade Reading Resources
Kindergarten and First Grade Writing Resources
Kindergarten and First Grade Math
FREEBIES for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade
Kindergarten and First Grade Spring Activities
KinderLand Collaborative
Kindergarten Daily 5
*Primary* Must Have TpT Finds
KinderFun Collaborative
Pre-K and K Perfection

This is certainly not a complete list.  Is that even possible? Hopefully, you will find a few in this list that are new to you.  If you have a favorite kindergarten collaborative board on Pinterest that isn't listed, please put the address in a comment. I'll happily add more to the list.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Presidents' Day Poetry FREEBIE!

It will soon be Presidents' Day.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that must mean it is time for a poetry freebie!  So, here it is. . .

It is also time for a some Poetry Possibilities to go with the poem...

Following is a preview of the literacy center referred to in #3 of the Poetry Possibilities...

You can download the poem for free by going here.

This poem is taken from my Poetry Possibilities -- February.  The product has 17 poems and nearly 30 pages of skills, centers, and activities.  The range of reading levels in the poetry makes this product appropriate to both primary and intermediate classrooms. Possibilities for differentiation are included.  

Hats off to President Lincoln and to a holiday from school!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scrattle Literacy Center -- Valentine's Day FREEBIE

It's about time for Valentine's Day!

Because I want you for my valentine, I have a literacy center freebie for you.  I call it SCRATTLE; SCRAbble + baTTLE.  

Scrabble and its social networking cousin, Words with Friends, are jumping off the computer screen and finding their niche in the classroom.  It's always great fun to take a set of letters and challenge your class to make as many words with them as they can.  In Scrattle, I'm upping the ante by adding a math component and competition.  

Here's how it works:
  • Give your students the letter set for this edition of Scrattle.

  • Students cut out the letters.
  • Students find a partner to battle.
  • Armed with a recording sheet, the partners record the words they can devise.
  • Once their recording sheet is filled, the students calculate the value of their words by adding the numbers on their letter pieces.
  • Alternatively, older students calculate the value by multiplying the numbers.
  • To differentiate for G/T and enrichment students, a combination of operations is available.  (It is possible that this version will create negative numbers.)
  • After their calculations are completed, the partners compare their numbers, filling in their opponent's scores on the recording sheet. 
  • Students then add >, <, or = to the scores box.
  • The student with the most > scores is the winner.
Here's an example:

This center comes with letter sets in color, as well as black and white.  Also included are 3 recording sheets, allowing for differentiation.  

You can download this center here.


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