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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scrattle Literacy Center -- Valentine's Day FREEBIE

It's about time for Valentine's Day!

Because I want you for my valentine, I have a literacy center freebie for you.  I call it SCRATTLE; SCRAbble + baTTLE.  

Scrabble and its social networking cousin, Words with Friends, are jumping off the computer screen and finding their niche in the classroom.  It's always great fun to take a set of letters and challenge your class to make as many words with them as they can.  In Scrattle, I'm upping the ante by adding a math component and competition.  

Here's how it works:
  • Give your students the letter set for this edition of Scrattle.

  • Students cut out the letters.
  • Students find a partner to battle.
  • Armed with a recording sheet, the partners record the words they can devise.
  • Once their recording sheet is filled, the students calculate the value of their words by adding the numbers on their letter pieces.
  • Alternatively, older students calculate the value by multiplying the numbers.
  • To differentiate for G/T and enrichment students, a combination of operations is available.  (It is possible that this version will create negative numbers.)
  • After their calculations are completed, the partners compare their numbers, filling in their opponent's scores on the recording sheet. 
  • Students then add >, <, or = to the scores box.
  • The student with the most > scores is the winner.
Here's an example:

This center comes with letter sets in color, as well as black and white.  Also included are 3 recording sheets, allowing for differentiation.  

You can download this center here.


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