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Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Apology, Pt. 2

If you are still hanging in there, despite my dismal record of blogging in 2014, I'd like to offer explanation #2...

A few short days after the baby shower, my husband and I took off for NC to celebrate our oldest granddaughter's birthday.  She is the proud, new owner of an American Girl doll.  As a doting grandma, I became quite focused on providing a wardrobe for her doll.  Do you know how expensive American Girl doll clothes are?!?!?!

Enter Etsy!  I found lots of really cute doll clothes that were very well made. Of course, I whiled away many, many hours perusing the more than 29,000 offerings.

When we returned from NC, it was time to start planning for the next granddaughter's birthday.  As she, too, has an American Girl doll, I found myself on an instant replay, until...

I had an epiphany!  I used to sew a lot, still have a sewing machine, even have quite a few remnants still in the sewing basket.  And just like that, a new passion was born.  It's really fun making doll clothes!  Here are a few of my creations:

The red and blue outfit is completely reversible with each piece flipping to the other fabric.


These are mix and match outfits.  The white crop top is reversible, as you can see.  Notice the necklace on the tunic?  What kind of grandma would I be if I didn't include jewelry for the dolls?  And thus, yet another passion was born...

The sewing machine is still out and my husband wants to know when I will stop.  Hmmmm. Good question.

There are still more explanations to come.  All in good time.

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