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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Farm Centers for Your Classroom

In the spring, farms come to life as crops are planted and baby animals are born.  It's an exciting time down on the farm!  Bring some of that excitement to your classroom with these farm centers...

  • Down on the Farm Syllable Sort Literacy Center is perfect for K-2 classrooms. 18 word/ picture cards can be sorted by the number of syllables. All of the words are farm related, thereby increasing your students' vocabularies. This center also includes a recording sheet and labels for your center folder.

  • Ducks in a Row is a literacy center that gives Pre-K - 1st grade students practice with print concepts and phonological awareness.  Each duck puzzle has 3 parts: 1 with a picture, 1 bearing the upper case letter with which the picture starts, and 1 with the corresponding lower case letter.
    There is 1 duck for each letter of the alphabet. Consonant bearing ducks are white and utilize the primary sound of that letter (no soft consonant sounds are used). Yellow ducks present the vowels and utilize the long sound of the vowel.

  • Tractor Races Math Center provides practice with number sense and 1-to-1 correspon-dence for Pre-K-1 students. Increase the difficulty by providing a pair of dice.  Students will then move their game pieces according to the sum of the dice.

  • Egg Equations are CCSS aligned for grade K-3. Students will make true equations in their quest to master basic addition and subtraction facts. Gather plastic eggs and fill each one with the equation components. Students will use the components to construct equations appropriate to their abilities. Thus, differentiation is inherent.

  • Barnyard Tangrams provide 10 farm animal puzzles in 2 formats. These puzzles are great for visual discrimination and developing spatial relationships. They also provide experience with geometric shapes and improve problem solving skills. 

  • Farm Animal Idioms provide 31 idioms about farm animals. These cards are lovely in literacy centers, super for small group instruction, perfect for partners, ideal for individuals, and great for a variety of games. They are also excellent for ELL and speech therapy students. These idiom cards are aligned with CCSS for grades 3 - 5.

  • Egg Idioms Book challenges your 3rd - 5th grade students to create a booklet about 17 egg idioms. (BTW, these idioms have no references to Easter or Easter eggs.) After discussing the meanings of idioms, challenge your students to create illustrations of the literal meanings. Their efforts can be compiled into a booklet.

Happy spring, y'all. I hope you find some center seeds to grow in your classroom.

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