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Saturday, January 5, 2013

MLK, Jr. Craftivity

It's about time, teachers, to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

The dove is a symbol of both peace and hope. As such, it is a great symbol to honor Dr. King. Using the template that follows, have your students cut out a double copy of the dove. Glue the dove's body together, leaving the wings separated.  Gently fold the wings down on each side of the dove to simulate flight.  Color an eye on each side of the head.  Punch a hole and string yarn through it to allow the dove to be hung.  Hang the doves from the ceiling for a spectacular "peace rally."

You can find this craftivity, poems, teaching points, skill lessons, and other activities in my product, Poetry Possibilities for MLK, Jr. Day.  This template is available on Google Docs

Peace to all.

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